Spooffest – Lady GaGa edition

Alyce Hart and I joined a talented group of musicians on stage for night for one night to spoof one of the music world’s top pop divas!  For Spooffest 2014, we performed 5 songs, complete with GaGa-esque costumes, theatrics, and a giant stuffed giraffe… (hey, it’s GaGa, let’s not analyze that too deeply)

The band was made up of:Spooffest 2014 - Lady GaGa

Nicole Waters – vox, theatrics

Alyce Hart – backup vox

Matty Jay- guitar

Peter Mac – guitar

Mitch Cooper – bass and keys

Brian Bruendl – drums

Mykel Alehzanderh – percussion


Here’s a couple YouTube videos from the night!


Bad Romance


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